About us

About us

We develop the extra-ordinary, the stunning and self-contained. The intently designed, unceasing and many-sided, our pieces of contemporary art are outlasting trends and strive to your new passions.

Our products are based on the finer points of detail, and gently woven into every pore of the design. With great precision, every inch is tangled into an epochal piece that glides with your lifestyle. It's a grind that drives our emotions and work, and perfection is what we strive for while we invest some of ourselves in every design.

Our design ethos

We welcome the anti-ordinary, the surprising and the standalone. Thoughtfully designed, timeless and versatile, our collections are designed to outlive trends and evolve with your changing style. Attention to detail is everything. We debate the intricate details that make a product iconic and create exceptional pieces for everyday life. It’s a labor of love, but we’re only happy when a product is good enough for our own homes.

Our story

Tom Budin first came up with the idea of FOURLINE.DESIGN when trying to kit out his own flat in Scotland. Frustrated by the lack of inexpensive good quality furniture and home decor. He felt there had to be an alternative. United by their appreciation of good design, the team set about re-defining the process. The concept was obvious: simplify things, work directly with the makers and bring high-end lifestyle design to everyone, everywhere at a fair price.



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United Kingdom, EH5 1BN