Art Deco Lighting Style Guide: Glamour and Sophistication

Art Deco was a popular design style in the 1920s and 30s. It's known for being luxurious, modern, and glamorous. This style isn't just about furniture and buildings, it also influenced lighting!

Art Deco lighting is known for being bold and eye-catching. Think geometric shapes, sleek lines, and stunning craftsmanship. These lights can be the star of the show in any room, whether you're going all-out Art Deco or just adding a touch of the style.

So, if you're looking for unique and eye-catching lighting for your home, consider Art Deco!

Statement Chandeliers

These dazzling lights are famous for their:

  • Geometric shapes: Think triangles, squares, and zigzags for a bold look.
  • Crystal accents: They add sparkle and elegance to the design.
  • Shiny materials: Glass and chrome create a luxurious feel.

Chandeliers like these work best in large spaces like:

  • Entryways: Make a grand first impression.
  • Dining rooms: Set the mood for a special meal.
  • Living rooms: Add some drama and sophistication.

So, if you want a statement piece for your home, consider an Art Deco chandelier! It'll be the star of the show.

Geometric Wall Sconces

Art Deco is not only about chandeliers! Wall sconces also play an important function. These lights provide light and elegance to your walls, making them more visually appealing. Look for sconces with stylish geometric designs, such as hexagons or circles, and polished finishes, such as brass or nickel. They look fantastic in corridors, bedrooms, and bathrooms, bringing a touch of Art Deco style to any space.

Streamlined Floor Lamps

These lamps are tall and thin, often with geometric shapes or fancy materials like marble or glass. They're perfect for:

  • Sofas: Reading a book or relaxing.
  • Reading nooks: Creating a cozy spot for getting lost in a story.
  • Accent chairs: Adding a touch of class to any corner.

Art Deco floor lamps provide light and a dash of style, letting you add a bit of the era to your space without overwhelming it.

Opulent Table Lamps

Art Deco table lamps: Small but mighty!

These lamps bring the style in a big way, with:

  • Fancy bases: Think sculptures or interesting shapes.
  • Metal details: Adding a touch of elegance.
  • Stylish shades: Completing the glamorous look.

Put them on:

  • Nightstands: For a touch of luxury before bed.
  • Tables: Adding style to any surface.
  • Desks: Lighting up your workspace with some Art Deco flair.

So, whether you go big with a chandelier or add a touch of style with a lamp, Art Deco lighting can add a unique and glamorous touch to your home.

Illuminated Mirrors

These mirrors are both functional and stylish, featuring:

  • Cool shapes: Think triangles, squares, and other geometric designs.
  • Built-in lights: Adding a touch of glamour and making the mirror stand out.

Hang them in:

  • Bathrooms: For a touch of luxury while getting ready.
  • Dressing areas: Creating a bright and stylish space to put on your outfit.
  • Entryways: Making a dazzling first impression for guests.

So, add a touch of Art Deco with an illuminated mirror and bring some sparkle and style to your home.


From dazzling chandeliers and sleek floor lamps to stylish table lamps and sparkling mirrors, Art Deco lighting adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to any space. These lights will elevate your home with their bold shapes, shiny materials, and eye-catching details. So, ditch the ordinary and embrace the glamour – Art Deco lighting awaits!