Our top 3 lights fixtures for your home

Posted by Jim Rothfork on 

Anytime you go to add a new light fixture to your home, you've got to consider how it will impact that space around it. In addition to simply deciding on a style, you'll want to think about aspects of the light fixture that will have an overall impact on the space in general.

Specifically, ask yourself these questions...

  1. Create enough light (or does it overpower the space with too much light)?
  2. Does the material it's made from accent or contrast with your existing aesthetic?
  3. Does its size match the scale of the room you'd like to place it in?

Wading through all the options can be confusing, so we've put together a list of our top recommendations from our own store.

1. The Lil' Buddy Table Lamp

Designed for a large desk, the Lil' Buddy will aid some classic sophistication to whatever room it's in. Mid-sized so it won't take up your entire desk, and bright enough to illuminate a writing surface (but not too bright to conflict with the screens of your electronic devices).

2. The Acrylic Modern Pendant

Polished and sleek - best purchased in groups of three or five (always stick with odd numbers), and designed to be placed over a lounge space, or over your dining room table.

3. The Wood Formed Poly Pendant

A signature piece that will certainly draw attention. Unlike the modern pendant listed above, this light fixture can be used on its own OR paired with a few others.