Unexpectedly emotional - Lera Konovalova

Sometimes art pulls us even though we cannot completely understand its meaning. It takes us for an emotional ride, and all we get is a couple of moments of instant affection every time we look at it. It's a kind of art that you would love to see in your home. The art you would love to take with you even when you cannot find the obvious connection with your inner thoughts or even style.
But that leaves me wondering... Why do we always need to search for a purpose in everything we have or wish to have? Isn't the emotion, the real value? Do we calculate our personal love life in the same way? And, is there love with a calculation?
When lots of question is asked from looking at an art piece I love to talk with the creator of it. To bring light to the wondering eye.

Where are you from? Where does the art journey start for you? 

I'm from Moscow. My art journey started when I was a child and drawing was like a serious hobby that I was able to do good, and with pleasure. But seriously I started to draw and study at the university when my boyfriend went to the army, and I had a lot of free time.

What is the first emotion that drives you towards creating an art piece? Do you recognize the connection immediately and let yourself flow on the creative process? Or do you "bake" the inspiration for some time?

Actually, I don't have any emotions at the start, but finishing work may drive me very proud of myself because of learning many new things and developing my skill. Usually, I don't need any inspiration for work, I just do things I love the most in my life!

What is the back story of your design? Because every one of us sees the world through separate lenses. How hard it must be to transfer it to other people?

This is a very important question. Every one of us is responsible for bringing things to others' minds. Your own experience and your own stories are creating your style. I love seeing people smile at my drawings, especially when somebody had a bad mood. And then he sees my art and say: “God I had such a hard day, but my mood is really better and I smile now”. These words give me so much power to work. That's why I use unusual colors and bring with them the mood I want! 

When it comes to making a living from your art, what are the main struggles? And what would be your advice for starting artists?

As for me, the hardest thing is to discover how to earn money from your art. It may take years to know, with many mistakes and failures. But I have only one rule: do what you love and develop yourself, and every dream will become true! I used to work on many different kinds of jobs before growing my Instagram account. It took me about 4 years to just let myself work from home and don’t get up early(smiles). Thanks to quarantine also for this opportunity!

What do you prefer, single pieces or storytelling through a whole project? And what approach do you use in each case?

It depends on the kind of work. I love doing series of illustrations for my favorite books but usually, I do single pieces. It's like I have an idea in my mind and I try to connect it with some people's problems and draw it.

Why do you use certain materials? What connects you with them, and makes you feel they are perfect for your art piece?

Before choosing a watercolor as the main material for my art I tried almost everything. Still, I use mixed media materials and collage in my sketchbooks but it's like a hobby for me. Watercolors bring me the freedom of mixing beautiful color palettes and make pleasurable washes when I need them. Also watercolor can be unexpectedly emotional. 

What does ART, in general, mean to you?

Art for me is a way of showing others my feelings about the world. I like to use something multicultural so everyone can see something close to their soul. That's why I have an audience from all over the world and it's so good to know that somewhere in another country your art is hanged on the wall. 

In the world of instant gratification, we need to pay more attention to the amount of work that goes behind the scene. We need to pause and appreciate the work of an artist. The work that brings positive emotions to our life. Question more, investigate, and appreciate the positive work that is bringing light to your day.
And most of all enjoy the process.


The FOURLINEdesign team would like to thank Lera Konovalova and his studio, for sharing inspiring thoughts with our community.