Turning CLAY Into GOLD - Female Alchemy

Through our inspiration journey, a lot of art directions touch us in different ways, evoking strong emotions that drive us in their own directions. This time we felt only the most gentle and nurturing touch of LOVE. The art that comes from Tatiana’s Cardona hands, wrapped up in her alter ego pottery house “Female Alchemy” charmed all of our senses. 

As many times before, we decided to share this art with our community on social networks and the response was out of this world. People loved her art. All of our constantly growing community platforms were buzzing and craving for more information about this artist.

The captivating artist shared with us more info about her view of ART and her CREATIVE journey. 

Where are you from? Where does the art journey start for you?

I was born in Colombia but have spent most of my life in Miami. My art journey starts as a kid, my dad was an artist and always encouraged me to dedicate some time to my creativity.

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What is the first emotion that drives you towards creating an art piece? Do you recognize the connection immediately and let yourself flow on the creative process? Or do you "bake" the inspiration for some time?

I'm a full-time artist so I’m creating every day and while I create I get inspired to make more pieces, maybe different shapes or different styles or ideas for themes for my next collection. 

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I think its important people don’t wait around for a specific emotion to get inspired, I think the more you create the more ideas will come naturally while you’re in the state of creative flow.


What do you prefer, single pieces or storytelling through a whole project? And what approach do you use in each case?

I really enjoy creating a whole project from top to finish, each piece is part of this collective story which makes it more special and more unique. I love dreaming up themes and establishing color schemes.

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I love creating sets for the photoshoots, and watching it all come together at the end. While making each piece is incredibly fun, seeing them all come together at the end is by far the best part.

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Why do you use certain materials? What connects you with them, and makes you feel they are perfect for your art piece? 

I use clay primarily and the reason for that I guess is the intimacy of molding a piece of mud into a very permanent piece of art with my very hands and fingers. I’ve tried painting and photography and every medium you can think of. Each medium has its own benefits but I’ve found love in clay, there’s a life to it that for me is unmatched.


What does ART, in general, mean to you?

Art is just a word used to define the manifestations of creativity and love.

In the world of competitions and what feels like constantly growing stress, it would be nice to have your first-morning coffee for a cup that is filed with positive emotions and painted for a perfect day.

Her sharing of female entrepreneur life gives you a feeling of global support for your dreams and passions. A slight push to take your dreams to your reality. And tell us, is there a better way to live?

The FOURLINEdesign team would like to thank Tatiana Cardona for sharing inspiring thoughts with our community.