There is no such thing as can't - Carolyn Clayton

To be a creator is something powerful and inspiring. To be a creator of unique items is something that is cherished the most. But what about when someone creates a whole other world? A parallel universe of art, with its own inhabitants. That is something extraordinary. 

When we first encountered the Flower People it captivated our attention. The gentle features of figurines seemed very real, like real petals. Their hands looked like they're about to move, and like the sculpture will start talking with a fairy voice. Simply, we were charmed.

These contemporary sculptures leave a strong impression that never goes away. They are a perfect present for any occasion. Their power comes more clear when you realize they would look as great in your grandma's home, as in the office or modern living room. There is no “appropriate age” when it comes to gifting them. They are perfect for baby showers, graduations, anniversaries… Simply chameleon in your hands.

That's why we love them. And that's what pushed us to get to know the artist.

The uniqueness and amazing detailing of your art brought us to your door. Who is Cazamic? And could you tell us more about yourself?

I have always been a creative person and very practical.  I am fascinated with science and physics and the universe as a whole.  I am like a sponge for knowledge. I love animals, nature, gardening and I like to keep fit playing badminton (well did before Covid). I am very independent having being alone most of my life. The name Cazamic I made up as people call me Caz and I do ceramics.  I did want Cazart but couldn’t get the domain name.



The impression is that after getting acquainted with your sculptures, we will never be able to observe the world of botany in the same way. You have created a new little world. Where does the inspiration for your designs come from? And how did the creation of the first flower man happen?

I am a gardener and a big lover of nature so I get inspiration from my garden.  The first flower headed figurine came about when I was making similar figurines without a flower as a head.  I was just curling clay for the head when one broke off, rather than starting again I decided to put a rose on the neck.  That’s how the first figure was born.  

As I began making them I found that the way the flower (in particular a rose) could make the figure look like it was looking a certain way, and gave the figure personality. I shared on social and people asked me to make them one, so I created my Facebook page Cazamic and its taken off from there.


Before we started our collaboration, I found an interesting fact about you. You work as a part-time demonstrator at Coalport China Museum. Can you tell us more about that experience and the art technique you teach?

Yes I have been a part time demonstrator at Coalport since 2004.  It’s my favorite job, so rewarding. I demonstrate how to make the tiny bone china flowers that used to decorate a range of Coalport china called Coalbrookdale Ware. People come from all over the world to visit the museum and I love to show and teach about bone china.

You have to work very fast with bone china as it dries quickly.  It was the love of this job and my love of flower making that led to the creation of my flower people. The years of making tiny flowers gave me the skills to make flowers out of other clay, speed is the key.  I hope to have a studio at the museum next year. I was hoping to be in there this year, but Covid put a stop to it and I am now building a studio in my back garden.


Your Instagram account is full of personality, and we see you as a woman who takes the business into her own hands. How do you manage to balance your responsibilities and to build your dream? And at what moment do you feel that passion towards your art is pushing you to do more?

As I am single and my children are grown I have a lot more time and energy to pursue my dreams.  I work non-stop really.  Especially now I can’t do the social activities I used to (Covid). When I have a bad day or a less than enjoyable day with my day job, this pushes me in the evening to get creating.  My art has been a sort of therapy for me.  


When we first started collaborating, we got an amazing response to your art. What memorable responses have you had to your work?

The most rememberable response was when I got a call asking if I would like to create a giant sized flower lady for a cruise ship.  Over a year I worked with a sculptor and created a huge flower lady which is now situated outside the spa on the Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship Symphony of the Seas.   I get a lot of positive feed back from my social media accounts and this all keeps me going.


And is there any part of the work you most enjoy doing? The one that satisfies you.

Putting the flower on is most enjoyable as its quick and brings the figurine to life.  I also enjoy emptying the kiln.


As I said, we enjoy following what you do, we love to support and build new achievements together with artists. But tell us, professionally, what’s your goal?

To create a whole world of flower people including a sculpture park where my sculptures are turned into children’s playing apparatus.  I have plans to write a book about them.  It is going to be part autobiography and I want to teach all my wisdom and create a sort of kids self-help book which is disguised as an adventure story.  The child has to learn a lot of valuable life lessons we are not taught at school.  (think Celestine prophecy / and visually harry potter)  As I was bullied badly as school and left without taking a single exam,  I want to share with children what I wish I knew back then.  Teaching the law of attraction, how we are energy, and how we are programmed from our parents and their beliefs. How we all create 95% of our dis-ease and its not gene related. (latest science proves this but not taught in schools).  I was told at school that I had a natural art talent and to pursue it.  My parents poo pooed this straight away saying you can’t work in art. I have since realized there is no such thing as can’t.  This I wish to teach every child and show them how powerful each and everyone of us is.  It will be a bit controversial as one lesson will be titled  ‘Don’t listen to your parents’. 

I also just want to make a decent living just from doing my artwork.  I would like to run classes and teach ceramics and push them as a kind of art therapy.


If there is one thing you would like to be remembered for, what will it be?

I would like to be remembered for someone who had a talent worked hard and achieved all her goals. Also I would like to be remembered for helping many people create a life they love, doing the things they love, if making art for a living if that is their dream.


When we talk with artists we feel their energy, we get their grit, their passion. The genuine nature of Carolyn Clayton conquered our world. Her energetic approach and spark of excitement towards every new step give inspiration. We will be here following her journey to become a full-time artist. The life that she build's with her own hands. Her artwork can be found on our website, and we look forward to more amazing, fruitful collaborations. 



The FOURLINEdesign team would like to thank Carolyn Clayton for sharing inspiring thoughts with our community.