The creation invades me - Art given by Jo Di Bona

What does it mean to be an artist? Is it about exploring the world or exploring yourself? We like to think that it is a perfect combination of both. Different streams of thoughts influence us every day. While receiving them you can travel through time and different dimensions. You can feel a rollercoaster of emotions only by looking at the photo. That rollercoaster is essential for artists!
The artists have the power to influence big groups of people. Their unique talents give them a bigger voice. The voice used in many ways. But one voice pulled us into his world, the voice of positivity. The voice that comes from Jo Di Bona's art.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the Paris suburbs, in 93.

Where does the artistic journey begin for you?

The artistic journey begins very early for me, since my father was a graphic designer in the pub and I always stole his markers from him for drawing!

What is the first emotion that drives you to create a work of art?

I only think with my heart in life, and for Art it is the same: I hate intellectualizing creation, so the first emotion that pushes me to create a work is precisely emotion! But everything can push me to create, as long as the vibrations are positive. It can be an emotion linked to nature, to my wife, to meetings, to a trip... I like to be steeped in life, especially not to be dry and always with my eyes open to everything, like a newborn baby...

Do you immediately recognize the connection and let yourself flow into the creative process? Or do you "cook" the inspiration for a while?

As soon as I have a spray can in my hand or the canvas is blank, I am immediately connected. I don't like going towards creation but I prefer to let it come to me, invade me and above all leave it a place. But the inspiration cooks all the time in my head, and seeing that so many things inspire me I don't have to wait several minutes for the engine to warm up, I go straight, instinctively...

What is the history of your design? Because each of us sees the world through separate lenses.

I like to mix everything. Like in music. If music had not mixed with other cultures, it would not have evolved. I think painting is the same thing: I like Matisse, I like Soulages, I like old posters, I like Pop Art and I come from Graffiti, why not mix everything up? Why should there be borders? And it is this mixture of the things that I love to eat that gives this recipe, and it's a bit my way of seeing the World, at least my World!

How difficult must it be to transfer it to other people?

You cannot transfer Art to other people, but you can possibly help some people to open their eyes. It’s very pretentious to want to teach Art, but opening your eyes to others is given to everyone, artist or not. Every day people open my eyes to things, and so much the better. And if on my side I could make someone want to paint or draw, I would have made a success of my life.

What do you prefer, unique pieces or storytelling through an entire project? And what approach do you use in each case?

I prefer to work on big projects because I meet people and that’s usually what I prefer. I often compare our job to music: the recording studio is the studio and the big walls are the stage. Well, I'm a stage artist! Of course, each project is different which is what makes our work rich, and I like to adapt again each time. Each project is a new challenge to take up, while when you are in the workshop there is no risk, you can cover your paint and start it again as many times as you want!

Why do you use certain materials? What connects you to them and makes you feel they are perfect for your work of art?

I don’t like flat things, I like the energy and the life that we find in matter, in thickness. It reminds me of the wear and tear of time, and that's why I like to mix it all up: finding a form from the past, which continues to live in the present. And it also allows a form of freedom, where chance has its place and where I don't have absolute control. I like to be surprised by the work, not expect the final result before starting it.

What does ART in general mean to you?

Art is freedom, a let go, a leap into the void into the unknown. But without a parachute.

The art created by Jo Di Bona leaves you in wonder. It creates a chain of thoughts eager to discover the true meaning. But the truth lies in every one of us. We are the ones who create our own narrative, or own view of the world. We are the ones who decide should we be happy and satisfied, or move through the world with a dark cloud above our head. 

The FOURLINEdesign team would like to thank Jo Di Bona for sharing inspiring thoughts with our community.