The unity of two opposites - Sasha Kruglikova

What makes our house to be a home? We always question ourselves and search for a new destination in our home décor world. We love to be original. To be authentic and unique. But there comes that small but significant part. Our taste. To combine all of that into a loving home is not an easy task to do. But it is our task, and our profession.

We love to turn and search for new people that inspire our home décor desires. People with outstanding energies and skills. That journey brought us to Russian artist - Sasha. Her work seems like a fragile, ready to become live fairytale world. In every piece you can feel the connection with nature. The connection that brings grounding and a sense of calm spring into your home. Detailing in every sculpture is a result of hours of work. All in a service of portraying the inner self into a piece. The portraying of her as an artist, the extension to her soul.

We fell in love with your art and the amazing detailing in your art. Could you please tell us, who is Sasha and how do you describe your art?

Sasha is my real name. I decided that my real name reflects my creativity well and I don't need a pseudonym. I am an artist and I do not separate my work and everyday life, I believe that my work is a continuation of me.

What work do you most enjoy doing and what themes do you pursue? 

I like to sculpt large shapes and then fine-tune the shape with small details that add character to the product. I prefer restrained colors and textured surfaces and I also like simple graphical shapes. In my work, I pursue the theme of nature, harmony and freedom.

Looking at your designs we have a strong emotion that something is hidden behind its beautiful and fragile lines. Tell us, what does your work aim to say?

I like the combination of masculine and feminine principles, the combination of strength and weakness, the unity of two opposites, and my work speaks about this.

What do you like most about being an artist? Describe your perfect creative-day routine.

My creative day lasts from ten to twelve working hours. Every day I create something new and I really like it. Being an artist gives me double freedom, the desire to learn about life, the ability to see and understand the world around me and then the opportunity to spill out my experience in my work.


Name something you love, and tell us how it inspires you and, in general, what are the main things that keep you close to creative waves?

Life inspires me. Music, books, fresh air, loved ones, my dog. All this can give me inspiration and desire to create. Images for work can come unexpectedly and randomly, even while eating or just taking a walk.

How has your practice changed over time and, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

My career began with academic disciplines at the university. I took a course in classical Russian academic painting, drawing, composition and a course in the history of world art. But then I discovered the material clay, in this material I found everything for my own self-expression. The most important advice I gave myself: "Do what you love and never cheat on yourself." It is sometimes difficult to follow this, there are many walls in the way and bad advisers, but all the difficult things are left behind when you know what you really want.


Tell us the most challenging part of being an artist? 

The most difficult part in an artist's life is the beginning of a creative way. At this stage, few people believe in you and support you. I didn't believe in myself and was dissatisfied with the result. My way sometimes reminds me of an obstacle course, which gets more difficult at each stage. But then I started working hard, gaining experience and I grew up as a person and as an artist. And if you did not give up at the beginning of the way and did not give up your goal, then you become free in your creativity.


That freedom in creativity we felt from her art. The freedom to express herself and to believe in her work. All of that is reflected in her amazing sculptures that carry, as she said, both feminine and masculine energy. We look at her art as a chameleon. Her designs could easily fit into a kids room, office or living room. But one thing would be the same - the authenticity that is embroidered in every piece.


The FOURLINEdesign team would like to thank Sasha Kruglikova for sharing inspiring thoughts with our community.