Garden Thoughts - Elisa Ceramics

We can all agree that clean nature is essential for all living species. But, am I the only one that notices the distancing point of that sentence? All living species... People distance themselves from nature, in many ways. The truth is: Nature is essential for OUR being. All the great evolutions of mankind gave us prosperity, developed science, medical protection, and many more. But I cannot get rid of one thought, they all lead us to one fatal condition - distancing from nature. Living in tune with nature is a life of abundance. The opulence measured in physical health, mental health, and gratefulness. A balanced happy life that we are in constant search for.
What we love about Elisa Ceramics is the close connection she has with nature. Her art is simple and playfully portrays all-natural shapes and forms. The poetic details on her pottery, bring us closer to the earth. With charm and skills, she is creating a thin line between manmade and nature.

Where are you from? Where does the art journey start for you?

I'm Elisa and I'm Italian. I've always been creative and fascinated by clay, but mostly worked in an office. The lockdown, in its strangeness, gave me the opportunity to take the plunge and start playing with clay. Until it turned into something bigger - and here I am now.

What is the first emotion that drives you towards creating an art piece? Do you recognize the connection immediately and let yourself flow on the creative process? Or do you "bake" the inspiration for some time?

The first emotion that drives me toward creating an art piece is excitement, I get the idea and I get super excited to create it and look forward to the outcome too. Most of the times I plan the creation of all my pieces, so I usually make drawings and start from there. However sometimes I just grab a piece of clay and let my hands do the job!

What is the back story of your design? Because every one of us sees the world through separate lenses. How hard it must be to transfer it to other people?

I mostly take inspiration from nature, in its many forms. I go for a walk in the park, sit in my garden and I simply give shape to what I see using clay, but at the same time giving a unique quirky twist to all my creations. 

When it comes to making a living from your art, what are the main struggles? And what would be your advice for starting artists?

The most struggling part of making a living with my art is being able to sell my products, most people don't get that every little piece is handmade and takes lot of time, and so sometimes they are not willing to pay the price . My advise to all new artists is to start little, it's from the little steps that you get to climb a big stair!

What do you prefer, single pieces or storytelling through a whole project? And what approach do you use in each case?

I usually prefer single pieces, but I also love to work on big projects. In both cases I usually plan in advance, make drawings and try to focus on the outcome.

Why do you use certain materials? What connects you with them, and makes you feel they are perfect for your art piece? 

I've always loved clay and that is why I use it to create my pieces. It's amazing to see what comes out just from a piece of clay, using only your hands and a few tools.

What does ART, in general, mean to you?

Anything expressed with your mind and heart. It's incredible to see what emotions and feelings drive you to create.

The FOURLINEdesign team would like to thank Elisa for sharing inspiring thoughts with our community.