The seed of my work - José M. M. Pérez

I once heard that the most classic works of art require the most time and dedication. The path is already there. But path covered in the greatness that comes even from ancient time. How do we walk that path with confidence? What goes into creating a Classique masterpiece? And how does an artist reinvent himself?
All of these questions came to my mind when I encountered the work of José Manuel Martínez Pérez. If you are new in the art world his pieces will send you back to history classes in school. But is it really like that?
His art carries a deep emotion of the modern world. If you stare a couple of seconds into his work you will find yourself in conversation with the piece. And is there a more satisfying feeling?

Where are you from? Where does the art journey start for you?

I was born in Lepe, a bright town on the coast of Huelva in Andalusia. I started very young, in adolescence, copying drawing pictures and curiously observing my surroundings, everything seemed to me a reason to tell something.

What is the first emotion that drives you towards creating an art piece? Do you recognize the connection immediately and let yourself flow on the creative process? Or do you "bake" the inspiration for some time?

The truth is, I don't think too much when I work. Intuition is very present in the seed of my work, I think that the visceral guides me, it is an impulse, a need. The creative process is changing and in my case it evolves with the work, I doubt and modify the original idea a lot until the piece tells me that it is on the way, then I start to close and think about the final result.

What is the back story of your design? Because every one of us sees the world through separate lenses. How hard it must be to transfer it to other people?

The human in its broadest sense. Life, the feminine, the masculine, constant duality, life, death, old age, the beginning, the end, ultimately human passions. Sometimes I use my work as a catharsis of my own life, healthy with my sculptures. People who look at a sculpture complete the work and in the creative process, the viewer's gaze is essential, it gives meaning to the work of any artist. I do not like to explain what I do, I find the reading that others do fascinating, I do not like to close the speech with my opinion.

When it comes to making a living from your art, what are the main struggles? And what would be your advice for starting artists?

Constancy, passion and the trade. It is very important to work every day and look at every moment for motivation and surprise or novelty. To a beginning artist I would say: live, experiment, carefully observe your surroundings and nature, but above all, always work sincerely without expecting easy applause from others.

What do you prefer, single pieces or storytelling through a whole project? And what approach do you use in each case?

Sometimes I make individual pieces and sometimes I make series with a specific theme. The advantage of the series is that you delve into a topic and the work evolves, but I avoid lengthening the series a lot so as not to repeat myself.

Why do you use certain materials? What connects you with them, and makes you feel they are perfect for your art piece?

I use many final materials, bronze, wood, resins, etc. I always model with clay, a humble material that comes out of the earth and water, it seems to me a perfect and changing medium for my work, it allows me to get to what I want.

What does ART, in general, mean to you?

It is the main motivation of my life, I dedicate a large part of my day to day to give shape to new ideas. For me it is a job, a joy and above all a privilege that I appreciate every morning. Art is essential for happiness and for connection or communication with others.

The FOURLINEdesign team would like to thank José Manuel Martínez Pérez for sharing inspiring thoughts with our community.