12 Side Tables That Add Personality to Living Room

12 Side Tables For Living RoomSide tables may not always be the center of attention in living room decor, but they play a crucial role. Typically positioned next to sofas or armchairs, they offer a handy spot for beverages, snacks, books, or a chic lamp. Yet, their utility is just the beginning. Side tables are available in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles, providing a chance to add a personal touch and enhance the visual appeal of your living area.

Whether you favor sleek modern glass tables or prefer the warmth of rustic wooden options, there's a side table that perfectly matches your living room's unique style. Join us as we delve into a collection of 12 captivating side tables that promise to bring a special flair to your home!

1. Lula Kitty Side Table

Lula Kitty Side TableThe playful feline design of this lovely side table is sure to please. The table has a joyful cat balanced on its four legs, forming a shelf that may hold ornamental lamps, books, or periodicals. Any living area would benefit from the whimsical appeal and whimsical touch provided by the Lula Kitty Side Table.

2. Glove Coffee Table

Glove Coffee TableThis whimsical side table is bound to become a conversation starter. Designed to resemble a giant hand wearing a white glove, it introduces a fun, quirky element and serves as an intriguing focal point in any living room. The Glove Coffee Table offers a handy place for setting down drinks, snacks, or showcasing decorative items.

3. Vega Transparent Side Table

Vega Transparent Side TableThe Vega Transparent Side Table injects a touch of modern airiness into your living space. Crafted from clear acrylic, its unique, bent-glass design offers a spacious surface for drinks, books, or a lamp. This transparent beauty is ideal for smaller living rooms, as it allows light to flow freely, maintaining an open and airy feel.

4. Antony Side Table

Antony Side TableThis flexible side table has clean lines and utility for a modern appearance. The Antony Side Table has three-tiered shelves that give plenty of storage space for books, periodicals, plants, and decorative objects. The top shelf has a wireless charging pad, giving it a convenient place to charge your gadgets. This sleek and contemporary table matches a wide range of living room designs.

5. Teak Side Table

Teak Side TableMade from natural teak wood, this side table infuses your living room with organic warmth. The deep, rich grain of the teak wood combined with its simple, streamlined design provides a classic look that fits seamlessly with various decor styles. The Teak Side Table is both durable and practical, offering a stable surface for drinks, lamps, or decorative displays.

6. Andy Side Table

Andy Side TableThe Andy Side Table injects a touch of mid-century modern sophistication into your living room. Featuring a black rectangular top with a brass inlay, this stylish table is supported by sleek black legs, offering a functional surface for drinks, lamps, or displaying decorative objects. Its compact size makes it a versatile choice for smaller living spaces.

7. Sami Pyramid Table

Sami Pyramid TableWith its distinctive pyramid form, this striking side table makes a big impression. The Sami Pyramid Table is a wooden creation with a geometric design and several layers that provide a surprisingly large surface space for books, periodicals, or ornamental objects. This conversation-starting table gives any living area a dash of contemporary curiosity.

8. Leanne Resin Side Table

Leanne Resin Side TableThis distinctive side table blends natural aesthetics with modern design. The top showcases a real wood slice encapsulated in clear resin, making it a striking focal point in your living room. The natural irregularities of the wood are beautifully preserved and set against the sleek, polished resin, delivering a visually captivating effect. The Leanne Resin Side Table provides a robust and functional surface for placing drinks, lamps, or displaying decorative items. 

9. Face Side Table

Face Side TableFace Side Table masterfully combines contemporary design with artistic charm, instantly becoming a focal point in any setting. The metal base, sculpted into a human face, introduces a captivating layer of intrigue, mystery, and symbolism. Its glossy black finish enhances the table's sophisticated allure, while the transparent glass top brings a refined elegance to its overall aesthetic. This exquisite piece is sure to spark conversations and admiration in any room.

10. Teddy Bear Side Table

Teddy Bear Side TableThis lovely side table is ideal for a child's room or nursery. The Teddy Bear Side Table, shaped like a cuddling teddy bear, is both whimsical and utilitarian, serving as a surface for books, toys, or lamps. It has a shelf beneath the bear's belly for extra storage. This beautiful side table will undoubtedly make your youngster happy.

11. Checkerboard Side Table

Checkerboard Side TableThis black and white checkered side table infuses your living room with a graphic, modern flair. The tabletop and legs are adorned with a bold checkered pattern, making the Checkerboard Side Table a stylish statement piece. It offers a practical surface for placing drinks, lamps, or decorative items. With its striking appearance, this table enhances a range of decor styles, particularly mid-century modern and contemporary themes.

12. Brendon Side Table

Brendon Side TableThis fanciful side table has a delightful treehouse design, with a peaked roof and a cutout window. Its colorful style provides a sense of whimsy and wonder to any space. The Brendon Side Table provides a solid foundation for a lamp, literature, or decorative items. It also features a drawer for easy storage.

Bonus Tip

Finding the perfect side table for your living room is a balance of style and practicality. Consider your space's size and layout, your desired design aesthetic, and how you'll use the table. With countless stunning options available, you're guaranteed to discover a side table that complements your existing furniture and injects a touch of personal charm into your living room. So explore with confidence and find the ideal little table to elevate your space!